Learn Reiki

We also offer classes… Anyone can learn Reiki!
Our Reiki Masters offer teaching and Attunement for the three levels of Reiki: First Degree, Second Degree, and Reiki Master. The level of training and expertise can be seen by the level of the practitioner. All levels of Reiki require an “attunement” by a Master Teacher, which opens the crown, heart and palm chakras to receive and give Reiki energies. Only Reiki Masters can pass attunements to others and teach as well as practice Reiki on all the levels of mind, body, spirit and emotion. This attunement process and the Reiki symbols are what set Reiki apart from other forms of hands-on healing techniques, and provides access to the lineage from which Reiki is derived.

First Degree Reiki

First degree Reiki includes training in self-healing and basic healing techniques for the physical treatment of self, friends and family, and even the planet. Basic energy medicine is covered, 5 precepts of Reiki and basic understanding of light and energy. I believe everyone should learn First Degree Reiki. It is really a part of the basics for good self care, and it means you can give yourself a free Reiki treatment anytime you want. It is good for children, also. Reiki I is a one day workshop.

Second Degree Reiki

Second degree Reiki includes training in healing treatments and the tools needed for delving to the levels of the emotional and mental causes of dis-ease, as well as distance and karmic healing, past, present or future. Second degree Reiki is much more involved and further training in energy and light medicine is covered. Three of the Reiki symbols are taught. This level is for those who want to go further, and works deeply on opening and healing the heart chakra. Also, techniques on how to do treatments on others. This is a one day workshop.

Master Reiki

Master Reiki training includes the tools needed for delving to the very deepest spiritual levels of dis-ease, as well as how to pass attunements and teach Reiki to others. Reiki Master training is a “calling” and once upon this path, you will enter into true Initiations that involve your entire life. Reiki Master Level requires a deeper commitment on your part, and a willingness to dedicate yourself or a part of your life to Reiki. It becomes a true discipline. Reiki Master Training takes two full days to complete and is divided into Part I and Part II which cover six modules. You must finish all six sections to gain your Reiki Master Certificate. The six sections modules are : Symbols, Meditations in Deepening Reiki, The Attunment Process, Advanced Energy Medicine, Ethics and Going Professional.

Reiki as a Business

A class on how to turn your interest in Reiki into a thriving business that helps many other people. This class is part of the training for Reiki Masters, and covers the qualifications needed for a Reiki business in the state of Washington, and exactly what you need to do.

Reiki Sharing Circle

Everyone who has gone thru any level of Reiki training is invited to attend Reiki Sharing Circle. This is a time to give and receive Reiki and is excellent for any Reiki students wanting to practice Reiki and increase their understanding and ability. The best way to develop your Reiki abilities is to Practice it! Reiki Circle is free, but a donation is accepted to help cover the costs of using the facilities. Reiki Sharing Circle is overseen by Reiki Master Loretta.

Monthly Reiki Master Apprentice Class

Once a person has completed the Master Reiki Training, they are welcome to join the monthly Reiki Master Apprentice Classes. These classes meet once a month and direct the Reiki Master towards more experience in healing techniques and more advanced techniques. Check the calendar for names of the classes being offered. We will be covering everything from Shamanic Reiki to Sacred Sound, Crystals, and Advanced Energy Medicine Techniques. These classes are based on the information that people have been asking Loretta for. Class meets once a month for three hours.

Reiki Training for Children

Loretta has put together a great class for children under the age of 10 and parents to attend called “Me and My Reiki”. In this class, “Reiki Rabbit” is introduced and concepts of healing and magic touch, color, vibration and energy are introduced in easy to understand format. One or both parents must attend this class with your child. This class is experiential and really focuses on concepts of the world as energy, what healing and non-healing touch are, how to change moods, have fun with color and sound and generally explore these concepts from a child’s perspective. It is really a fun class. An attunement to Reiki energy is included.