How Will You Respond?

Most people find a Reiki treatment relaxing, and often even fall asleep. Others may become emotional. Always, an atmosphere of acceptance and freedom to express oneself fully is created.

Sometimes people say they experienced “nothing” at the time of the treatment, but several things occurred a day or so later. Reactions range from feeling better than they have in years to purging of the body in some manner such as diarrhea, congestion, coughing up phlegm, moodiness, sore muscles, strange dreams, etc.

If it appears at first that the dis-ease has gotten “worse” due to the purging of toxins caught in the body, be happy, as it is a sign that the energy is taking effect, opening the chakra centers and treating the dis-ease. Once the toxins have been released, the body is ready to accept the total effects of the treatment.