Temple of the Divine Feminine

This monthly class is for Women Only, and explores ancient Esoteric Mysteries and concepts of the Healed Feminine, Balance of Masculine and Feminine, sacred energy flow within the body, Gods and Goddesses, Sacred Sexuality and Divine Union from Egypt, India, the Essenes, the Magdalenes, Asia, the British Isles, Lemuria and Atlantis, etc.

The purpose of the class is to create a community of Women that support and help each other heal the wounds of the womb/woman. The class is taught by Loretta Brown as a Carrier of the Flame. The class subjects are private, safe, intimate and spiritually and respectfully discussed. Along with the class, Loretta acts as a Channel for Divine and provides Transmissions for the women to listen to in the privacy of their own homes. These Transmissions carry the intention to create deep change within each woman and help her connect more fully to her power as a woman.

This class is by invitation and application only.

Please check the calendar and the scheduler for dates and times. The Temple usually meets the third Saturday of each month from 1pm to 5pm, but dates may vary depending on holidays. Arrive half an hour early if you want to participate in foot baths and anointing of the feet with essential oils. Let us remember who we really are in these times of challenge and change. We are the Carriers of the Light.