Sound Yoga

Utilizing ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, and Christian chants, bija sounds, and the concepts of music as a sacred healing modality, Mantra and Chanting is available in a group setting. This is ongoing and you can start anytime you want. Chanting, mantra, and the making of sound is a healing and important part of who and what we are.

Chanting or humming can help massage the internal ear and vestibular system, which controls every muscle in the body. Sound has a structure and a content to it, perhaps even an intention. Providing “voice” to all aspects of the Self is important in the healing and expression of our very soul.  Essential oils and aromatherapy are also incorporated into the practice of Essential Chanting to help enhance and raise your consciousness and vibrational rate quickly, safely and pleasantly.

All classes are taught by Loretta, Certified Cross-cultural Music in Health Care Settings Practitioner (CCMHP) from the Open Ear Center, and long time student of Pat Moffit Cook, a pioneer in the field of music and sound as a healing modality.

Sound Baths

Imagine lying on your back in a relaxing, peaceful surrounding, being bathed in the beautiful healing sounds of crystal healing bowls, Tibetan Singing bowls, bells, soft rattles, drums, voice or flute.   Imagine the sound washing through you and over you helping you release and let go of all that old stuff you no longer need.  Imagine feeling refreshed, renewed and invigorated.   This is a Sound Bath.   Watch the schedule.  Sounds Baths are offered in Yoga Studios located throughout the greater Seattle Area.