Free Soul

You Are Psychic!

The soul profile, also called the first counseling, is a 90-minute session in which the counselor shares with you an analysis of your present state of being. It includes information on your natural psychic strengths and your present usage of them, the psychic pressures currently bombarding you, and a measure of the overall strength and sensitivity of your aura. Most importantly, the counselor will show you a method for achieving direct communication with your team of spiritual guides, as well as methods to quickly recharge and strengthen your aura and how to tap into the soul dimension.

Access Your Brain’s Joy Center

Learn to Self-Trigger the Brain’s Natural Mood-Elevation Mechanisms

  • Enhancing the love in your life
  • Success without the achievement addiction
  • Five simple steps for in-joying your diet
  • Reference guide for every key tip

Access your Brain’s Joy Center is about feeling better fast without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating. Containing specific adaptations for: enhanced sexual response, help with quitting smoking, reduced alcohol or drug abuse, controlling weight and overeating, pain control, irritability, relieving PMS, tapping a greater sense of spiritual oneness, and how to clear any worry, hurt, anger, or fear.

Advanced Healing Workshop

Learn how to be a pioneer in the frontier of human potential. Learn comprehensive spiritual attunement in five minutes, secrets for accessing the mind’s deeper dimensions, how to tap the psychic reception areas, experience and prove the existence of your spirit guides, new methods for enhanced physical vitalization and healing, and learn and work with the Free Soul Triangle.

Advanced Psychic Sensing Workshop

Learn the three sub-channels of psychic feeling techniques. Also learn self-initiated esteem building techniques. If a person does not have good self esteem, then opening up the psychic centers can be merely opening up to all the “garbage” floating around out there. Learn how how to protect yourself from internal as well as external negative forces, and learn how to give yourself love.

Guides Workshop

So just what are spirit guides? What is their role? Why are they here? Why do you want to have them work with you on a daily basis? How do guides differ from angels? Learn how to access the guides, communicate with them, and begin to understand how they have assisted you in your own soul growth. Learn and work with the Free Soul Triangle. Experience your guides in a way you never have before.

The Dynamics of Being a Free Soul

This is really the BEST program available for the understanding, tapping into and developing your psychic skills. It is really the only way for serious students to make their spiritual skills more automatic. This course is done in a group setting and teaches over 80 expanded human potential skills. These keys to “inner technology” are revolutionary. You will learn to psychically sense on command, discover your unlimited soul skills, aura control and self healing, how to create inner harmony and enlightenment, and how to throw off limiting societal conditioning and truly become a Free Soul, living life as a soul.

Scientific Vortex Energy Exploration

Presenting a scientific, a sacred and an experiential perspective to help you understand the theories and beliefs about the “vortex” energy with practical advice to help you receive the most from Sedon’a unique energy.

Scientific Vortex Information

Pete Sanders provides great insight explaining the technical theory and spiritual beliefs related to rock vortexes around Sedona. He merges science, history, and spirituality in explaining the vortexes, and easily connects the science and spirituality of the Sedona vortexes. An important point Sanders emphasizes is that people who visit the vortexes for spiritual reasons need to understand the spiritual phenomenon of upflow, inflow, and lateral flow. If you are not familiar with these concepts then this book will help you get a good understanding. He also stresses the importance of having spiritual openness and not to be confused with ideas of feeling electricity or electromagnetism when visiting. For the people who are not planning to visit the vortexes soon, this book still provides valuable insight into discovering vortexes in other places (such as a Seattle high rise, or the San Juan Islands). Sanders also makes references to the work he does through the Free-Soul group. After reading this book, his information could peak your interest in learning more about that group. Regardless of whether you are into science, spirituality, or both, I strongly recommend this book to anyone who plans to visit the vortexes in Sedona, or do local vortex work where-ever you live.