Essential Oils

As evidenced by ancient texts and writings, Plant Medicinals were the first medicines used on this planet. As an Energy Healer, I understand that raising our vibrational rate is of utmost importance in changing and healing. During a trip to Egypt, I found myself standing in a great Temple looking at a huge wall full of recipes for essential oil healing elixirs. Along with these recipes were drawings of specific healing techniques that utilized oils, Reiki healing energy, aromatherapy, herbs, breath of life, music, color and other forms of vibrational healing. This inspired me to bring the message of these Amazing Oils to more people, which I am doing with my excellent line of Young Living Essential Oils. These oils are not just about smelling good, although diffusing them into the air is highly beneficial. They can enhance your Life in many wonderful ways.

Through the Olfactory nerve and the First Cranial Nerve, we have our sense of smell. When we breathe something in up the olfactory nerve and stimulate the central nervous system via the brain, we can have a response to that smell within 3 to 5 seconds. To me, each smell or scent is on a vibrational scale, sort of like what happens with colors or sounds. These vibrations are measurable and can be of benefit to us.

As a certified Aromatherapist, I utilize these wonderful aromas and essential oils in addition to Reiki, meditation, sound, color and guided imagery to help you achieve stress relief, relaxation, and create environments hostile to dis-ease, which support the good Health of mind, body, soul and spirit.

Feel free to attend one of my FREE Introduction to Essential Oil Classes or the “Playing with Essential Oils” Class to help you with recipes, blends, and more education on the proper and safe use of aromas and essential oils in your daily life. I never leave home without my essential oils. I use YLEO in the class, but the information can be used with any essential oils and no purchase is necessary. After essential oil classes, you ALWAYS go home smelling wonderful and feeling amazing!

As people say, “Is there an Oil for that?” The answer is always “Yes!”

Loretta is a Certified Aromatherapy Coach and a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor. Her Distributor Number is 114417 and she has been a member since 1997.

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Essential Oils


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